The Crucible and Goody Proctor

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Crucible: Questions and Answers.
Act 1
1. Who is the leader? How would you describe Mary Warren in relation to the other girls?
Abigail is the dominant figure in charge of the girls, making her the leader. In relation to the other girls, Marry Warren is very aware of the consequences and would like to avoid getting in trouble with the elders, therefore she tries to pull herself away from the girls.
2. What have the girl done to violate Puritan codes and could explain their behaviour? How does Tituba figure in this event?
The girls had danced naked in the forest, which goes against the codes, this leads to the accusation of them attempting witchcraft in the forest with the help of Tituba. Tituba has background knowledge on witchcraft
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The shift of power is evident when MW’s dialogue gradually extends throughout the act as she replays what is going on in court, her knowledge of the current events give her power. Initially the argument between JP and MW had started due to MW ignoring JP’s orders of her to stay at home, this starts the shift of power, and JP is intimidated and frustrated at his inability to take action .
2. What other ‘symptoms’ can be added to the Act 1 list of ‘evidence’ that the devil has invaded salem?
Suspicious behaviours, sending out spirits, and flying are all “evidence” that the devil has invaded the minds of the inhabitants of Salem, but also not remembering the 10 commandments are another source of ‘evidence’. It is common Puritan Knowledge to know these by heart, if you do not, then you are very likely doing something wrong. Working on Sundays and not attending church consistently is also another negative notion that can be linked to witchcraft. If you do any of these things, you faith is not legitimate and there is a chance you made a pact with the devil.
3. What is you Impression of Elizabeth Proctor by the end of Act 2? Of reverend Hale?
Elizabeth is a true wife and is willing to forgive JP as long as he breaks the ‘promise’ that he unknowingly made with Abigail. She has strong beliefs and is a strong character. She knows her morals and can judge other accordingly.
Hale is starting to empathise with the Proctor
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