The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay

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While reading three articles about the play called "The Crucible" I noticed many interesting facts. Many questions as well came to mind. The main question was “What was the Arthur purpose for writing The Crucible”? Well let’s start of by saying Arthur Miller was a extremely American play writing. Miller born in 1915, but where was his childhood? He grew up in New York with a Jewish family. Arthur Millers’ play went on Broadway at the Martin Beck. This occurred in the year of 1953. The play was called The Crucible. Was The Crucible even one of his best places? Well it was yet one of his best second plays. What were the events of the play of Miller had done? The event of the play had to do with the events that took place in Salem. What…show more content…
He used Salem Witch trials as a metaphor to get Attention towards the tragedies of McCarthyism publicities. Miller uses allegory in his play to show the similarities of one historical period to another. In the 1950s everyone wanted freedom, mean while during the Salem witch was the trials of religions was what life was all about. In both time periods people were scared they didn't want to be familiar with some one that could be communist or a none Christian. There for Miller wasn't only trying to send a message to McCarthy but also, to many other people. This shows the fact that " When The Crucible was first produced, McCarthy cronies singled out members in the theater and in holly wood as leftists and communist sympathizers needed, many critics and audience members, and even McCarthy himself, pointed the finger at miller as a spearheading his own attack against what was the perceived to be very core American values". According to all this it proves the fact of how miller felt. “Miller himself said that once he was blacklisted as a communist by the us government, people with whom he would have chatted on the street suddenly turned a suspicious eye on him". A lot of people around miller were going against him in a very cruel way, McCarthy himself signed an attack towards miller. This play had a lot to do with certain century's and time periods. " As the period of its creation early 50's would suggest, however,

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