The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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As we all read and learned in the Crucible, a group of girls, including Tituba, went into the forest and were dancing. As they were dancing, Parris catches them dancing and his daughter faints. Abigail tells her uncle, "We did dance, uncle, and when you leaped out of the bush so suddenly, Betty was frightened and then she fainted. And there’s the whole of it." (Act 1) This is how "witchcraft" was brought up in the town of Salem. Once rumors start, whether they are true or not, it is very hard to stop them. This ties into bullying I believe very much. Cyber bullying can happen many different ways and I believe one of the worst ways it is done through is through spreading false rumors about one another. The girls at the Salem witch trials reflects the actions of cyber bullies today in our own communities in many ways. In our time today, there are many types of "bullying", but the one type I believe can be the worse and the one I will be discussing will be “Cyber bullying.” Cyber Bullying is an action when people either get together or by themselves purposely threaten or harass another kid through social media, such as Twitter or Facebook. The use of smart phones makes this action so easy to do and we can't really do anything to stop it from happening. These people can go and tweet about something any part of the day. All types of bullying are usually related in some type of way but the action of doing it is usually much different. Cyber bullying is one of the worst types of
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