The Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ

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Through Matthew 27:11-66 it is evident that the governor Pontius Pilate plays a crucial role in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Scholars throughout history have provided support to see Pilate as positive, negative, or neutral role in the retelling of the crucifixion. Warren Carter is one of the many scholars who have taken note of Pilate’s role in history and within the source “Pontius Pilate. Portraits of a Roman Governor” Carter argues that Pilate is a negative character. He goes as far to claim that Pilate was one to actively seek conflict. While Carter argues that Pilate’s role is one of negativity, I would argue, that through a socio-culture view, that Pilate is not a negative figure, but an ambivalent one, due to his lack to enforce. In order to fully understand the story of the crucifixion it is crucial that we take a step into the story. We should view it as a doorway and it is important that we go through it in our imagination, in order to actually understand what is happening. We must ask our self what info is needed to make the story authentic? This is crucial for us to ask so that we can fully dive into the story and truly understand everything it has to teach us.
Stepping into the passage the first verse that reveals Pilate as an ambivalent role is in Matthew 27:14. Pilate was amazed that Jesus didn’t defend himself. He recognized the obvious plot against Jesus and wanted to let him go, but Pilate was under pressure from Rome to keep peace in his territory.…
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