The Cruel Redemer Lazarus Morell Analysis

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The value of Translation is that the translator gives us a different perspective of the meaning from the original book and changes some words to make the passage more understandable. What I noticed in Andrew Hurley’s translation of Jorge Luis Borges’ book is that Hurley’s translation is similar with the same tone and message to the original but has some different words to make it more understandable. “The Cruel Redemer Lazarus Morell” is about a poor white man who forms an organization who help a negro escape so they can sell him to another owner.
In Collected Fictions, “The Cruel Redemer Lazarus Morell” translated by Andrew Hurley, the passage in the book it is comparing a mother-child relationship with a believed bloody relationship as a
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When the translator changes the words in his or her translation it is because they see the meaning of the passage differently. For example, in Hurley’s translation in the passage of “The Widow Ching-Pirate” it is about a woman who talks about her lover who is a pirate and comparing him to a female pirate as her. “Her lover, Captain John Rackham, met his own noose at the same hanging. Anne, contemptuous, emerged with that harsh variant on Aixa’s rebuke to Boabdil: “If you’d fought like a man, you needn’t have been hang’d like a dog.” (Hurley 19) In Borges’s “La viuda Ching, pirata” passage which is the original from the author and not a translation, “Su amante, el capitán John Rackam, tuvo también su nudo corredizo en esa función. Anne, despectiva, dio con esta áspera variante de la reconvención de Aixa a Boabdil: "Si te hubieras batido como un hombre no te ahorcarían como a un perro." (Borges 13) In the translations you see that Hurley's word usage is different but the message is the same for both. For these two quotes you can see that the tone is amused. Some words that Hurley changed to use in his translation and to make it more understandable were “noose” from “nudo” which is a knot. Also “fought” from “batido” which is to
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