The Cruelty And Dangers Of Seaworld

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Since the 1960 's, SeaWorld has captured wild orcas, domesticating them like cats or dogs while displaying them like goldfish in an aquarium. The cruelty and dangers that SeaWorld presents to these animals need to be diminished. The environments they live in, the lifestyle they have adapted to, and the behaviors that have resulted from captivity are shocking. The breeding program in place at SeaWorld and the accidents that have happened in the facility that houses these whales are equally horrifying. The organization of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, began its campaign “SeaWorld of Hurt” in May 2012. We need join PETA in efforts to end the captivity of killer whales, end the SeaWorld breeding program, and close all SeaWorld facilities. The average life expectancy of a killer whale is an estimated 30 for a male and 50 for a female. However, orcas do exceed this number, often doubling it in the wild. SeaWorld employees follow a script saying that killer whales have a better life living in aquarium type facilities, that they survive longer as a killer whale 's life expectancy is no more than 20 years in the wild (Blackfish). The script employees are trained to use is false, being that the average life expectancy of a killer whale at SeaWorld is around the age of nine (Orca Home). To this date, 37 whales have died in captivity at SeaWorld alone, due to numerous health conditions that are almost entirely avoidable in a natural habitat (The Orca Project).
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