The Cruelty Of Animal Overpopulation

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in cages for long time and sometimes for a year so they are being forced to euthanize the animals.(“Animal Rights Uncompromised: ‘No-Kill’ Shelters,” n.d.). Large numbers of animals are simply abandoned in the streets suffering from a lack of basic care such as food water shelter and veterinary care.(“Companion Animal Overpopulation,” n.d.).

There is a cruel contribution to the animal overpopulation of companion pets, specially the ones living on the streets. People are well known to always be dissatisfied with their pets for many reasons so it is easy to find animals left in the shelters just because they are unwanted. The continued suffering of animals that are left on the streets causing the uncontrol of many diseases and more proliferation is in fact a people responsability. Many unwanted companion pets with a good health are killed every day just as a results of the pet overpopulation. Starvation, disease, freezing and roadkill are some of the consequences of the cruelty through animal overpopulation. Abandonment and neglect is one form of animal cruelty. Dogs and cats abandon are experiencing continue suffering for days or weeks and sometimes they can die; therefore, in broward county animal cruelty is against the law (Reporting Animal Issues, n.d.). Another way of cruelty is the pet cloning.The protection animal and welfare is against the pet cloning whose every day is given arguments on why people wants to do a reproduction of an animal companion.There are
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