The Cruelty Of Animal Testing In The United States

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For decades, people have been using animals as the go-to method for testing scientific breakthroughs, but not only is this concept outdated, it is a cruel punishment inflicted on harmless creatures. Animal cruelty is a well-known problem around the United States that is a growing issue for debate. A study has shown that less than 2% of human illnesses are found in animals and over 98% are ineffective on animals (Peta2). “The Food and Drug Administration reports that 92 out of every 100 drugs that pass animal tests fail in humans” (PETA). Not only does animal testing hurt the animals, it is a waste of time. These are just some of the reasons why animal testing is pointless and should be banned. It is time that the United States recognizes animal testing as unacceptable because of its negative effects on both humans and animals: it is inhumane for many reasons, it proves to be very expensive and costly, and it’s pointless on many accounts. Statistics show that animal testing has been noticeably inhumane on the animals in many cases. Shannon Keith, the founder and leader of The Beagle Freedom Project, states that the animals they rescued have undergone numerous tests and have been deprived of the proper care, nourishment, environment, and basic rights…show more content…
The problem with this argument is that in many cases, using animals to test on is not the same as humans; they are far less biochemically formatted than humans (Geer). An argument in of “Animal Testing Necessary” challenges this claim, "Humans differ from other animals automatically, meaning data derived from animals cannot be extrapolated to humans with sufficient accuracy" ("Animal Testing Necessary?"). The human to animal ratio, in this evidence, proves that animal testing is an unreliable source when it comes to scientific breakthroughs in
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