The Cruelty Of Animals And Animals

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Tons of people in the world that love animals and enjoy having their company. This is why most people have pets around their household. With these pets we often train them to do special tricks for example with dogs, the classic ‘shake’ or ‘rollover’ is something owners love seeing. With every new trick that they learn, we give them treats and lots of love. With the treat and love that we give our pets, they feel loved and happy, maintaining their health and happiness and that also makes the owners happy. Unfortunately for other animals across the world, they are abused constantly to be fit enough to do special tricks to entertain people. Many people enjoy seeing animals doing tricks and stunts, especially animals that are rare to be seen by the human population. But what they don 't know is how harmful it is to the animals. From the constant abuse, these animals’ life span are shortened and more are getting hurt daily. These animals aren 't actors yet thousands of these animals are forced to perform meaningless tricks under physical punishment. With places like SeaWorld and circuses, human trainers and performers choose to be there and entertain people while the animals that are used in their facility have no choice and are forced to perform. While there are some laws and organizations that help prevent animal use for entertainment, lack of awareness surrounding the issue has allowed the use of these animals to continue and remained unchecked. Marine parks, where captive

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