The Crusades By Dana C. Munro

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Man’s tenure upon face of the earth consists of inundated thoughts of “World Dominance.” Be it through religious factors of papacy, or hatred for selected peoples groups on the face of the earth. The Crusades revile the desire of control from popes that required the Greek Church (all non-Christians) to be under the control of the Catholic Church of Rome.
According to Dana C. Munro, the first crusades began under the papacy of Pope Urban II. From whom delivered a speech in 1096 at the Council of Clermont that led thousands to take up the cross. It is from that moment on the Popes always felt the crusades were their task and under their inspiration believing that the crusades were God’s work and they were His agents. Let us consider the words of Pope Urban II according to Fulk of Chartres, “I speak to those who are present, I shall proclaim it to the absent, but it is Christ who commands. Moreover, if those who set to thither lose their lives on the journey, by land or sea, or in fighting against the heathen, their sins shall be remitted in that hour; this I grant through the power of God vested in me. ”
However, what prompted the speech from the Pope Urban II to issue such a decree? Thomas Fuller states, though the pretenses were pious and plausible, yet no doubt, the thoughts of his holiness began where other men’s ended and he had a privy project beyond the public design.
Pope Urban II only has to look to Spain. Recall that the Vikings influx of Europe had just ended

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