The Crusades During The Middle Ages

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The Renaissance was a period of rebirth in art and culture after the Middle Ages. The Crusades helped Medieval Europe to flourish and grow out of the Dark Ages. The Crusades affected daily life and caused major effects in political, economical and cultural Medieval Europe. The first Crusade was gaining control over the Holy Land, but the later Crusades were fights over regaining land. The Byzantine Empire fell during the fourth Crusade after an attack on their capital, Constantinople, took place. Trade routes opened through Europe because of traveling between crusading states, and ideas, goods, and traditions were passed around. The Crusades caused a struggle for power between crusading states, destroyed empires, improved trade that…show more content…
The Latins and Greeks were not on good terms after the split, and Alexius figured there was a better chance of the west wanting to participate in a holy pilgrimage than to support their enemies. Alexius went to the pope for military aid and for help from his army to fight the Muslim Turks for the sake of Christendom. The pope agreed, and the clergy and even ordinary people joined in the holy battle. It has been said the crusades were fought based on the philosophy of right and wrong. It could have been the Christians believing there was a fight to be fought of them vs. Unfaithful people. Christians believed that anyone who didn’t follow their religion and worship their god was “wrong” and therefore, they were Unfaithful. The crusades lead a substantial role in changes in Political Europe. It caused empires to fall, and imbalances in power which lead to bigger problems and more crusades. During the eleventh century, the Catholic church went through a series of changes and wanted more power over the government. Before the first crusade, there was already a power struggle between religions- Christianity and Islam. Jerusalem had been controlled by Muslims for 450 years. The crusades led a fight that would determine where the land would end up. The pope wanted the authority of being able to forgive sins and wage wars. The number of Muslims began to decrease when the

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