The Crusades : The Greatest Symbol Of The Religious Enthusiasm Essay

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Final Examination
Chapter 14
1. The Crusades are probably the greatest symbol of the religious enthusiasm of the age. What were the goals of the Crusades? Targets? What motivated people to go on crusade besides religious zeal? How do we account for their general failure? How were the Crusades viewed by the Muslims? What was the lasting impact of the Crusades?
The Crusades were a number of wars fought by the Christians and Muslims to acquire and control the Holy Land. The goal for each side was the same take Jerusalem for there religion. During the the First Crusade the Christians claimed the Holy Land. After that it consisted of a long and terrible fight of the Muslims and Christians claiming and fighting over the Holy Land. The last crusade was The Seventh Crusade. People at the time thought the sixth crusade was the last one, but the Muslims created an insurrection that ended the peace treaty that both the Christians and Muslims had made together. After that The Seventh Crusade made its way on stage which was the end of the crusades. The only thing I can think of that motivated both sides of the war was religion. Each one had significant ties to the Holy Land and did not want to share it. I know that on the Christian side the Pope would pardon every sin that was committed by every knight during the crusade, which in fact is why some people started thinking and questioning if Catholicism was the religion to be a part of. Muslims viewed anything that the Christians did as
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