The Crusades Through Arab Eyes

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According to Amin Maalouf, “It seems clear that the Arab East still sees the West as a natural enemy. Against that enemy, any hostile action-be it political, military, or based on oil-is considered no more than legitimate vengeance. And there can be no doubt that the schism between these two worlds dates from the Crusades, deeply felt by the Arabs, even today, as an act of rape” (Amin Maalouf). When reflecting on The Crusades Through Arab Eyes, this quote always sticks out as the most powerful piece of Maalouf’s work. As a growing college student this quote brings harsh reality to the world I live in. I believe as you grow through life, you become more and more aware of the world around you through education. In order to be aware you must…show more content…
He holds nothing back when describing the gruesome battles and horrid crusaders who were ruthless killers during these wars.
No matter if you are from the north, south, east or west you can feel the emotion through Maalouf’s writing. I believe his goal was to link human beings together through emotion and sympathy. Emotion is something all humans can relate to because it is something we all feel and have in our life. While reading about this Jihad I sympathized and felt for the Muslim people fighting the heartless crusaders. I have been taught my whole life that these Muslim people have been the enemies against the Christians. Even to the point where my education has dehumanized the Muslim people. Needless to say, that old view is long gone. Through this story of the crusades I believe Maalouf has set out to break the predisposed dehumanization by telling emotional and relatable stories from the Arab point of view, or should I say “Arab Eyes”.
In order for Maalouf to accomplish this change of beliefs successfully, he had to acquire many credible sources for the readers to trust him. Located in the back of the book, Amin Maalouf has placed a sources section in order for readers to trust his credibility. The two types of sources that can be found throughout The Crusades Through Arab Eyes are primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are works such as; quotes, government documents, letters, and records. While Secondary sources are those such as; books,
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