The Cryptic Secrets Of Egyptian Pyramids

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The Cryptic Secrets of Egyptian Pyramids The pyramid-shaped masonry architectures are called Pyramids, and there are eighty of them known as ancient Egyptian Pyramids. The Egyptian Pyramids are the products of a slavery country, but they are also the great accomplishments of ancient people. Since the first discovery of the Egyptian Pyramids, many scientists have been dedicated in ancient Egypt study. After years of researching on the earliest Egyptian Pyramid, Pyramid of Djoser, and the most famous Egyptian Pyramid, Pyramid of Khufu, Egyptologists have successfully solved many mysteries of Egypt Pyramid in the aspects of architecture, geography, and math. They came up with a conclusion that Egyptian Pyramids are symbols of the ruler’s power. Influenced by the major studies, nowadays, people commonly acknowledge Egypt Pyramid as the “tomb of pharaohs”. However, more questions about its purposes, building methods, and symbolic meanings have been brought up in the last several years. The Egyptian Pyramids are not simply historical architectures, and their mysteries have not been completely solved yet. Herodotus was an ancient historian. He was born in Greece and lived in the fifth century BC. In about 450 B.C. he wrote in his historic documents that there were secret burial chambers beneath the Great Pyramid at Giza (Orcutt). After the publication of his reports, more reasons that support the idea of “tomb of pharaohs” had appeared. The Egyptologists who did ancient…

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