The Crystal Clear Water Feels Refreshing To The Touch.

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The crystal clear water feels refreshing to the touch. As you look around and see the life that is surrounded by this natural place of beauty. Though it may look like a haven for all who dwell there, like anything it has a dark side. The ocean can be a cruel and unforgiving force that should not be reckoned with. Filled with what scientists believe to be millions of aquatic species. Sea Algae is one of those species that is a plant and not that cool. Cool animals are whales, dolphins, sharks, and fish. They are all amazing and are the kings of the oceans. The ocean covers about 75% of the Earth’s surfaces. The climate of the ocean depends on where you are i the world. In the NorthEast of North America the seas are choppy and filled with…show more content…
This is why it is so vital to the survival of the ocean population. Like nitrogen, Carbon is absorbed and dissolved into the surface of the ocean. Tiny marine plants called phytoplankton use photosynthesis to turn much of the carbon dissolved into the ocean into organic matter. Some organisms use it to make the material used for shells and skeletons, calcium carbonate. By using up carbon through chemical and biological processes, there is more allowance for carbon dioxide to enter the water from the atmosphere. The nickname “carbon sink” has been given to the ocean because it absorbs more carbon than it lets out. The relationship between humans and the ocean could once be categorized as commensalism, where the human was helped, and the ocean was neither helped nor harmed. Now, it has some of the same characteristics of parasitism. Humans continue to fish, sail, and explore in the ocean. One of the largest impacts humans have on the ocean is pollution. Beaches across the world are littered with trash and toxic materials, in and out of the water. Since every ocean connects, a piece of trash could start in Cuba, and end up somewhere on the coast of Madagascar. To try and reverse the damage done, there are clean up attempts all around the world to try and make the ocean what it once was. Trash left over isn’t the only problem going on. Every once in awhile, there will be a large boat, transferring oil from one continent to another. The BP oil spill in

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