The Cuban Government And Schooling

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Introducton The United States had a brief reign over Cuba from 1898 and 1902 after Cuba attained independence from Spain and fell under U.S. control.

Education in Cuba Many people and organizations, such as the World Bank, have praised the education system in Cuba, which claimed it is the best education system in Latin America and the Caribbean. The system is driven by high literacy rates, strong teacher and student performance, and its availability to all citizens of Cuba (Gasperini, 2000). To understand why the Cuban education system has been so successful, it is important to know past history between the Cuban government and schooling. The education system has been run by the state since 1961. The Cuban
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13). Cuban students partake in agricultural activities, woodcarving, drawing, and other labor-intensive classes that solidify the Marxist principles of combining study and work and socializes children to prepare to enter the workforce early (Gasperini, 2000, pg. 17). It is also interesting to note that Cuban students are forced to believe communist beliefs, and if they are caught exploring other ideologies, they could face prison time. This sharply contrasts with the United States education system, which provides students with an array of different ideologies through social aspects of schooling, and then allows students to form their own opinions based on personal decisions and associated beliefs. Along with this difference comes an innate change in the structure of educational systems relating to their enforces policies. Cuban students study in primary schools for six years, then move on to secondary school or high schools for three to four years. Upon completing these schooling levels, students can move onto vocational or technical studies at one of Cuba’s many universities or technical schools. However, the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution reviews every student before they can take the college entrance exam. This committee evaluates students based on their acceptance of communist ideology, and those found to be in
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