The Cuban Missile Crisis And The Soviet Union

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The Cuban Missile Crisis, a standoff between the Soviet Union and U.S. Could have possibly lead to an outbreak of a nuclear war. The dangerous outcome of the Cold War, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, took things into his own hands. The events during the crisis left Americans scared. How Kennedy accomplished everything may have been the best way to prevent an all out World War III. Coming out of the Cold War, the taut relationship that proceeded into the crisis and continued to cause trouble between the two countries. The United States made a deal with Turkey. President Kennedy Aiming missiles towards the Soviet Union in April of 1962. If these missiles, ever needed, they would be ready. Eventually Fidel…show more content…
President Kennedy moved forward, After it was deemed Unacceptable that Cuba having any possession of the nuclear weapon, considering it was less than 100 miles off the coast of Florida. America, under a new threat, had possibly threatened the Soviet union. In turn both sides were referred an ultimatum. Eventually Kennedy aimed to quarantine and surround Cuba. This would stop any military supplies coming from the Soviet Union, from further entering the nation. He Demanded the removal of the missiles. On October 22nd President Kennedy issued a television broadcast, announcing the crisis to the nation. Kennedy and the Executive Committee worked, willing to do most anything to prevent Cuba from using and keeping the missiles. A year before the Bay of Pigs invasion, also known as Bahia de Cochinos, had been set. It was deemed the CIA 's 'perfect failure ' and led nowhere in the removal of of the missiles. The unsuccessful invasion along the southern coast of Cuba, simply resulted in no longer buying Cuban sugar and Fidel Castro took over the United States industries stationed within, such as oil refineries. Though it was planned to attempt to remove the missiles without causing conflict, Kennedy had nonetheless threatened the Soviet Union and Cuba. Planning to set a barricade around the Cuban nation. This blockade stopped any further delivery of military supplies.Kennedy hoping to convince the removal of the threat. Nikita Khrushchev, Secretary of the Soviet
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