The Cuban Missile Crisis: Days Of Fear And Confusion

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The Cuban Missile Crisis: Days of Fear and Confusion
One of the scariest moments in the history of the United States is the day Soviet Missiles were found in Cuba. For thirteen days, President Kennedy and Americans sat in fear of what the Soviets and Cuba would do next. The Cuban Missile Crisis is not only one of the most dangerous struggles in American history, but also one that taught the upper level members of the government, including the president, lessons about dealing with a conflict of this nature. In the midst of the Cold War, both the Soviet Union and the United States were the closest they have ever been to a nuclear war. When the missiles were finally taken off of Cuban land, the U.S. was finally at peace and realized that action needed to be taken. After
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The Cuban Missile Crisis was one of the biggest results of the Cold War. According to Catherine Hester Gow, English professor and author of The Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cold War was a time of tension between the United States and the Soviet Union after World War II. After separating as allies, they sought to undermine each other due to their different ideas of government (14). Bruce W. MacDonald, Special Advisor of the Nonproliferation and Arms Control, states that after the U.S. failed attempt at invading the island of Cuba, Soviet
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