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The Cuban Missile Crisis The Cold War was a time in history when intense rivalry overcame two nations. Many historians agree that the Cold War began in 1945, the end of World War II, and lasted through the late 1980’s. The two opposing sides were the Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States. The Cold War was not a battle involving guns; in fact it was more about power and competition between two groups. Each side thought its political and economic systems were superior to the other. The competition between the Soviet Union and the United States increased which made settling disputes difficult. In the 1960’s the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, faced some major challenges. One major event that took place…show more content…
He formatted a list of actions and possible dangers that could occur. He understood that he was trying to protect an entire nation and the wrong decision could possibly be deadly5. After long meetings and strategic planning, Kennedy and his advisors came up with six possibilities on how to handle this situation. The first choice was the do nothing approach. The second was to warn the Soviets, and since the U.S. had missiles in Turkey, they thought maybe that if the U.S. removed their missiles, the Soviets would remove theirs as well. The third choice was to simply confront the Soviets. The fourth approach was to set up blockades and keep a constant watch on what the Soviets were doing. The fifth idea was to plan an air strike. And the sixth choice was to invade Cuba. Other considerations were also discussed such as declaring a national emergency or declaring war against Cuba. Now it was up to Kennedy to decide which method would work best. The first and second methods were taken into serious consideration, but decided against because they were way too risky. Approach three was not out of the question; rather it was set aside. Choice number six was agreed upon that it would be used, even though it was the last option. Advisors agreed that that military forces would be prepared, however held back because they did not want to chance a world war. This left two options: an air strike and a blockade. The air strike strategy was evaluated carefully. Kennedy and his

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