The Cuban Missile Crisis Of 1962

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The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 was the closest the world came to nuclear war. The Soviet Union shipped nuclear missile to Cuba clandestinely and were discovered by the United States. While the confrontation did not result in open nuclear warfare between the US and USSR, the US Intelligence Community (IC) was taken by surprise. How did the IC not notice the buildup of Soviet nuclear weapons in Cuba? The information was there despite the best Russian denial and deception attempts. The United States intelligence and military analysts allowed themselves to be deceived by the Russians because they did not anticipate the Russians would station nuclear weapons outside the Soviet Union. A closer look will show why the Russian deception worked for so long and why the US was forced to react quickly to a crisis that could have easily spiraled into nuclear war. In October of 1962, a US U-2 reconnaissance flight over Cuba yielded photographic evidence that the Soviet Union had installed medium and intermediate range ballistic missiles. President Kennedy over the next thirteen days frantically tried to get the missiles removed without a war. President Kennedy went with his Executive Committee working group and set up a naval quarantine of Cuba and gave Soviet Premier Khrushchev a deadline for removing the missiles. After six days of diplomatic overtures and increased military tensions, the Soviet Union withdrew the missiles. President Kennedy agreed to respect the Castro
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