The Cuban Missile Crisis as a Turning Point in USA and USSR Essays

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The Cuban Missile Crisis as a Turning Point in USA and USSR

The Cuban Missile Crisis was indeed a turning point in USA and Soviet relations during the Cold War. The event stands in history as one that nearly brought humanity to the brink of destruction and is known as perhaps the single greatest political battle between the two superpowers, the world has ever seen. It also started a détente that which instigated an end to the arms race between the two nations. Following the Cuban Missile Crisis the two leaders, Kennedy and Khrushchev, found a new respect for each other, and this laid the foundations for a strengthened understanding between the two countries. Yet above all things it caused the
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First, Khrushchev now saw Kennedy's character and hold on his party as being weak, and hence mistakenly assumed non-existent American opposition to his plans. Also, the Cuban public now resented the Americans and accepted the construction of Soviet nuclear weapons, as they saw it would raise concerns within the Whitehouse. When the President was given the evidence that nuclear missiles with the capability to attack America were operational, his warnings towards the Soviets that 'the gravest issues would arise' had materialised.

The events that unfolded in the thirteen days following the revelation to Kennedy, is known in history as the Cuban Missile Crisis. The United States demanded the unconditional removal of nuclear weapons in Cuba, whilst the Soviets believed the establishment of nuclear warhead was justified, as long as the Americans had similar such weapons in Turkey. Both nations had various options to choose, yet with the persistence of the USSR, it seemed the decision making fell on Kennedy.

The United States had two feasible options, one involving military action and the other a blockade of Cubafollowed by political negotiations. Military action could induce an international nuclear conflict which would endanger millions of

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