The Cuban Revolution Of The United States

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, and tobacco, for 60 years this has been Cuba’s calling cards, a land that hasn’t progressed much in six decades Cuba has stood as a vacation paradise for many of the worlds powerful nations, including Europe, Canada, and Australia. Most people who visit Cuba rarely see past the white sands, blue water, and endless alcohol of resorts, going off said resorts will give an entirely different view of the country. A people of farmers, musicians, and artisans, the Cuban people are a simple and hard working group all looking. For 60 years the Cuban government has kept the United States out of the country for the most part, that is until recently. During the cold war, Cuba joined the communist nations and went as far to allow Russian missiles to be placed on Cuban soil this was seen as a threat to American interests, causing John F. Kennedy to impose an embargo on the small nation just 80 miles away from Florida. With the Obama administration now lifting these embargos this can be viewed as both a positive and a negative thing to the county. While yes opening up Cuba to America will do wonders for it economically, I believe that culturally the country will suffer greatly. Often when American influence is permitted into a country there is often corruption that follows, Industrial corruption, cultural bullying, and the influx of drugs, are all issues that seem to follow whenever America enters a former enemy state. While yes from an economic stand point the country may do well,
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