The Cuisine Of Hokkaido, Japan

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Introduction
This report introduces the regional cuisine of Hokkaido, Japan. The food of Hokkaido is well-known worldwide because of its high quality and freshness of seafood. Hokkaido also produces dominant amounts of Japan’s meat, wheat and dairy so its cuisine is not just a thing entirely apart from the rest of Japan’s. There are many regional cuisine in Hokkaido including Genghis Khan barbecue, Hokkaido ramen, Ishikari nabe and so on. Through my research, I find that there are many different cooking methods that people in Hokkaido use. For example, originally, Genghis Khan barbecue only focuses on burning and roast lamb and mutton. With more and more southern Japanese into Hokkaido, the sauce and vegetables are gradually brought into the cuisine to adjust taste. I also find these cooking methods are interesting, and would like to learn more about the Hokkaido cuisine.

Figure 1 Hokkaido Genghis Khan
1.2 History
Ancient people in Hokkaido are believed to catch salmon when they swam upstream. They are also believed to use pots to cook acorn and plants. From 1603 to 1867, Russian and missions from other countries arrived at Hokkaido but they were not allowed to enter. After 1869, the Meiji government allowed people from other parts of Japan to immigrate to Hokkaido. These people brought their different cuisine to Hokkaido. Under these influences, Hokkaido people developed their unique cuisine by
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