The Culinary World Of Culinary Arts

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Burning sherbets, instantly frozen ice cream, pasta made out of jelly or vegetables, edible menus, kitchens with sonicators, pH meters, liquid nitrogen, which can flash freeze almost anything, makes it feel almost like magic or something out of a fantasy or science fiction novel. But it is not, in fact it is part of culinary arts, where innovation has taken wings, and revolutionized the art and science of cooking. Terms like culinary science, culinology and molecular gastronomy have become part of the innovative culinary world. Innovation is communicated and translated into culinary arts, especially by chefs and others involved in the industry through creative adaptations, like molecular gastronomy, culinology, fusions, transformations, co-creation etc. Innovation spans through different areas of the culinary world and is not only limited to the process of cooking, but also to understand the consumers, as well as to develop different utensils and incorporate other means of technology. (Várela, 2013)

In the world of innovative culinary arts, culinology, a term coined by Winston Riley, founder and former president of the Research Chefs Association (RCA), is considered as the approach to food, that blends culinary arts and food technology in an effort to make food better, safer and more consistent.(Tenbergen, 2009) It often translates ideas from fine dining or traditional ethnic cuisine to chain restaurant dishes or processed food. It was evolution of a new process and
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