The Culprit And The Cure Analysis

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Mirrors used to be my worst enemy as a young teenage girl; every time I glanced into one, I would see an image of a girl full of flaws and imperfections. I was in a constant battle with myself, fighting with the person I was and the kind of person I wanted to be. My perception of perfection was equivalent to the glamorous images I saw of movie stars in magazines and on the television; tall, well-toned, incredibly thin, beautiful women, and I dreamed of nothing more than reaching a status of similar proportions. After a time, I concluded that I was fed up with my body image, and I made the decision to completely alter my past habits by restricting my diet to a minimum of 700 calories a day and choosing to exercise more than was necessary. During…show more content…
In Steven G. Aldana’s book, The Culprit and the Cure, we can read about how different studies and experiments have led to the discovery of how daily physical activity plays a role in reducing and reversing one’s risk of chronic disease. “If a person has a healthy diet, does not smoke, and exercises regularly, the odds of the person getting one of these [chronic] diseases are much lower. While a healthy lifestyle isn’t a guarantee that you won’t become chronically ill, it does tilt the odds heavily in your favor.” It is a commonly held belief that the amount of physical activity required to reap the benefits related to exercise is an extreme amount, but this is not true. Studies have shown that if an individual were to participate in as little as thirty minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily, they would receive the benefits and reduce their risk of contracting a chronic disease…show more content…
Stories have been flashing across the news that many have found quite shocking, marathoners and the most elite of triathletes have been collapsing to their deaths after racing across the finish line. Long-endurance exercise is known for putting an immoderate amount of stress on the heart, and although a controlled amount of stress can help build and increase the strength of muscles, it can produce an opposite effect when the muscles are overloaded. In 2010, the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress conducted a study showing that “regular exercise reduces cardiovascular risk by a factor of two or three, but the extended vigorous exercise performed during a marathon raises your cardiac risk seven-fold.” I understand that not everyone is choosing to train for a marathon, but it is still advised that one should take caution when evaluating the amount of exercise and training they should put in when working towards becoming more physically fit; one can seek advisement through contacting a personal trainer or a Registered Dietitian to discuss an appropriate fitness
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