The Cultural Aspects Of Afghanistan

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Abstract The paper examines the cultural aspects of Afghanistan which are likely to affect business. The study focused on areas like business opportunities, meeting and greeting, the impact of religion, customs and courtesies and bribery while giving relevant recommendations to various such areas. Introduction Global markets vary about their level of development. Also, the kind of products sold in each of these markets will differ depending on the degree of development. Language and cultural affinity are vital in global markets. Culture comprises everything from the way of thinking and doing business to the consumption arrangements of the people. Therefore, understanding the culture is essential as it accords clues on how to do business in such nations. In some countries, there exists a natural hostility to foreigners as well as foreign business. Also, culture commands the approach to dealing. For instance, in the United States as well as Western nations, they are approaching in communicating their lack of ability to accept the products, whereas, in the eastern nations, they are more circumspect (Havaldar, 2014). Aspects including punctuality, the procedures as well as civilities in carrying out business, the negotiation course, and even dressing differ from culture to culture, and these aspects should be understood to succeed in such a setting. One different between the western and eastern nations is that the countries of the east tend to be punctual an aspect that can be
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