The Cultural Aspects Of Promotion

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Temporal conception Japanese are poly-chronic in nature which means that they do many things at one time. Even they can easily get distracted and sometimes they also change their plans very easily. Here Canadians are totally different so Jell-O would have to present itself in such a way that they do not get attracted towards other brands. In context of timing Japanese prefer completing their work even they ignore the time element as completion of work is the main target for the Japanese and this is totally different from Canadian culture. Cultural Aspects of Promotion Advertising Jell-O through social websites would be beneficial in Japan as Japan is on the top of the list of digitized countries. Each and every civilian of Japan is using internet on his mobile or pc. Making a page on the Facebook and twitter under name Jell-O would attract its target market which is young people of Japan. For establishing good public relationships, family oriented advertisements with some emotional insight should run through TV as emotions play a vital role in decision making process of Japanese. Another strategy is to do promotion through the best advertising industry of japan which is Denstu. It is famous in promoting the international companies in japan. Its office is available in Tokyo so it can be used as a strong marketing tool for the Jell-O. Some other kind of promotion strategies are providing bonus to
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