The Cultural Barriers Of China

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Different from Western countries, China has in the past had a planned economy. Even with its transition to a market economy, it still lags behind the Western countries in labor regulations, policies and professionalism of its workforce. Furthermore, several cultural obstacles hinder firms from adopting Western HR approaches fully. For instance, employee participation is not entrenched in the workplace despite being a trait of high performance in HR department. In approaching China, awareness of several cultural norms and values is necessary. Some of the most critical include the concept of face and harmony creation. Face-saving receives priority in China and it relates to respect, dignity and social role of an individual. Loos of face is taken serious and can take place when one declines a business or social function based on a weak pretext, refuses a present or is too independent. Trust and personal relationship are paramount aspects in China (Lee, 2007).
Power and rank inherently pervades in all aspects of life in China. Chinese exhibit Confucian values in which the family is viewed as paramount and hierarchy and respect of positions of authority are entrenched firmly. In communication, managers in China are expected to communicate with their boss, subordinates and peers in the same manner they would communicate with their parents, children and brothers/sisters respectively. Teamwork among the Chinese calls for a strong leader. The role of leadership is exclusively…
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