The Cultural Change Required For Start And Sustain Lean

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Lean is an approach that can be used in every organization to increase customer satisfaction, decrease costs, improve quality, and increase the output, by eliminating waste and creating value (Manos & Vincent, 2012, p.1). According to (Manos & Vincent, 2012, p.2) “people are the most critical element of lean production.” People are the soul and the heart of every organization. They are greatest asset and the organizations cannot achieve the goals without their efforts. The success or failure of the lean system in the organization will be contingent on the people who perform it rather than on any tools, equipment, software, and techniques. Organizations can gain supreme results by considering people as the main asset and invest sufficient time, efforts and in employing and developing the right people (Dalal, 2011, p.584). This paper will review a suggested plan for creating the cultural change required to start and sustain lean. It is address the five of the cultural enablers and the core fundamentals of people, specify the cultural processes, techniques, and practices required for a lean organization. A Lean Culture Lean is not only a set of tools and techniques implemented by an organization; it is a cultural change. It is importance to develop a foundation for this cultural change, to ensure the success of any organization that starts the lean journey. Manos and Vincent (2012, p.2) defines the lean culture as the entire tools of lean, knowledge, and techniques that
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