The Cultural Characteristics Of Culture

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Iran Merriam-Webster states “culture is defined: as the beliefs, customs, and arts, of a particular society, group, place, or time.” People think of culture as they think of a particular person(s) or a region but with a little studying of the culture, they would understand what it is. The first thing we need to understand is that culture will be taught, or learned over time. Culture is not something we were born with or receive from your parents. People learn the different cultures through life experiences, family, and friends. We as humans all require food, water, sleep and education on important cultural characteristics in order to understand different culture. Also, humans learn from others and how people…show more content…
Most of the population is young and over 60% are between the ages of 15-64. This has made other possibilities difficult which is why most of the population does not have sufficient power/ electricity. Nations Encyclopedia (2016) “Electricity generation was severely restricted by Iraqi attacks on power stations during the Iran-Iraq War, reducing available capacity from 8,000 MW to 5,000 MW, according to estimates. In December 1988, the Ministry of Energy stated that the general capacity of the national grid was deficient by at least 2,500 MW, owing to war damage, lack of fuel, and inadequate rainfall. At the beginning of the 1990s, residential consumption accounted for about 40 percent of total consumption, and industry for about one-quarter. However, industrial demand rose dramatically and accounted for almost half of total consumption in 1998. Overall consumption reached 90 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) in 1998, up from 73.4 billion kWh in 1994. Installed power production capacity had reached about 24,000 MW, with another 4,600 MW coming from private generators.” Nations Encyclopedia (2016)“The United States stated that nuclear cooperation and the transfer of technology to Iran was dangerous, as it would accelerate a secret program to develop nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, Chinese and Russian officials have expressed their determination to proceed with deals aimed at selling
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