The Cultural Clash Of The American Educational System

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Immigrants into the United States often perceive education as the principal method for their children to attain a better life than they have been able to provide for them. The immigrants have dreams and hopes of their children becoming successful and working in better conditions that they had to endure in order to survive. However for the children, accomplishing the immense dreams their parents hold for them can be challenging. While striving to obtain an education, the children face many cultural clashes because the ideas they learn while in school or the process of attaining the education goes against many of the cultural or family values they have been raised with. This is an issue that is iterated in many texts by Latina writers through personal or fictional stories. In the two texts that will be analyzed in this essay, education is the main cause of the first cultural clash the characters experience and is often not overcome. In the process of assimilating into the American educational system, the characters often to put schoolwork and their education ahead of their family demands and expectations or they learn something that causes a distance between themselves and their culture. In The Latin Deli by Judith Ortiz-Cofer, and in A Cup of Water Under My Bed by Daisy Hernandez, both authors present the inevitable clash that occurs in the children of the immigrants through different yet powerful techniques. Hernandez’s book is a memoir that relies on her personal stories…
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