The Cultural Competency Of A Registered Nurse

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Cultural Competency Paper
Caring for patients under all circumstances is the oath that a registered nurse takes when one enters the field; however, caring for others from differing cultural backgrounds may present challenges to the caregiver. This paper will focus on aspects of the Hispanic culture as it differs from the student’s own culture, being that she is of Caucasian descent.
Theory of Cultural Competency In an effort to explore differences between the aforementioned cultures, the student will utilize Leninger’s Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality. This theory illustrates and allows one to identify similarities and variances in care and treatment in human cultures. According to the text, “Leninger uses concepts such as worldview, social and cultural structure, language, ethnohistory, environmental context, and folk and professional healing systems to provide a comprehensive and holistic view of factors that influence care” (Andrews & Boyle, 2016, p. 7). Butts and Rich (2015) explain that this model incorporates specific assumptions regarding care and caring as they pertain to cultural competency. First, care is fundamental to curing and healing. One cannot be cured if he or she is not cared for. Next, “Every human culture has generic, folk, or indigenous care knowledge and practices and usually some professional care knowledge and practices that vary transculturally” (Butts & Rich, 2015 p. 524). Third, values, attitudes, and…
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