The Cultural Competency Of The Workers And The Agency

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If I were the child protective services worker that was working and involved with the Krasniqi family I would have done several things differently. There are several themes and concepts in this case that should have been dealt with differently than how they were. In particular there are three that I would reexamine first. I would reexamine and address the cultural competency of the workers and the agency. Next I would reexamine the religious competency of the works as well as the agency. I would also look into alternative placements for these children to go to. Within this essay I will examine certain mistakes that were made by child protective services and law enforcement. One of the main concerns that should have been managed or handled differently would be the cultural competency of the agency and the workers that were involved in this family’s case. The Krasniqi immediate family included: Sam the father who is from Kosovo, Kathy the mother who is also from Kosovo, Tim Kathy and Sam’s son who was born in the United States, and Lima Kathy and Sam’s daughter who was born in the United States. The region in Kosovo that Kathy and Sam are from is culturally different than the United States. In Kosovo they cling to a values system with archaic roots. By this I mean they still practice arranged marriages, several generations cohabitate, the concepts of honor and shame are integral to this subculture, and men’s and women’s lives are lived in separate social settings. The event
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