The Cultural Construction of Gender and Sexuality

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Chapter. 12 Outline "The Cultural Construction Of Gender and Sexuality" "Differentiating Sexuality And Gender" The biological term, Gender refers to the fact that humans are overwhelmingly either male or female. The Organization of cultural activity by gender is pervasive. Every subject that we touch on in cultural anthropology shows the workings of the cultural construction of gender. Sexuality and Gender are the two main parts of the biocultural model The primate species of mammal to which modern humans belong known as Homo Sapien reproduce through sexual intercourse between male and female. Sex has been deemed less appropriate for…show more content…
Even though there had long been many influential women anthropologist, their anthropology focused on men. Michelle Zimbalist Rosaldo and Louise Lamphere opened this new era in anthropology was women,culture,and society in 1974. "Revisiting the Trobriand Islands" In 1971 and 1972, Annette Weiner, spent a year in her sacred place and in her dissertation research plan was to study woodcarvings made for the tourist trade. The high point was a massive exchange of goods among women that lasted for five hours. She also moved the day after to a village Where she was sumoned to a womens Mortuary Ceremony. She also used as a reference and guide Bronislaw Malinowski's publications and found nothing about the events that she had witnessed. Annette Weiner Went To the Trombriands to study tourist art and came back a feminist,She made all anthropologist feminists, in the sense that today its increasingly difficult, to ignore gender issuews. Ethnography that describes only men is contrary and suspect. "Woman in Gatherer" A major Reinterpretation of the Role of Women that was stimulated directly by feminist perspectives concerned foraging strategies, mainly the foragers of the kalahari desert. Careful fieldwork showed that the women, in fact, Providing more food than the men did. "The meanings Of Macho" It shows that societies are not just women plus men,but
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