The Cultural Culture Of Japan

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In the world today, we are exposed to many different cultures; America is a great example of this. It is a giant melting pot full of many unique people who bring their cultures from around the world. Thanks to them, we have little parts of towns that are chock full of their culture, like China Town and Little Italy. We also have them to thank for all the different types of food and styles of cooking that they have brought over. But what about the cultures of other countries, have Americans influenced their culture like they did to ours? One country that really interested me in answering this question was in Japan. Japan is packed full of culture from their old traditions of their new futuristic culture and has Americans have any part in their pop culture transformation?
From the earliest of times Japan was full of culture. The Nara period, which is the years of the history that covers from 710 AD to 794 AD, was a big year for writers. During this period some of Japan 's literary monuments were written, including the Kojiki and Nihongi, the Man 'yoshu, also known as the Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves, and the Kaifuso.
Another major cultural development of the era was the establishment of Buddhism in Japan. Buddhism was first introduced in the sixth century, years 501 AD to 600 AD, but had a mixed reception until the Nara period. Shomu and his Fujiwara consort were fervent Buddhists and actively promoted the spread of Buddhism, making it the "guardian of the state" and
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