The Cultural Dimensions Of Nigeria's Cultural Dimension

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II—A. Cultural Dimension The following paragraphs in this section will seek to elaborate on the scores that make up Nigeria’s Cultural Dimension and to place these numbers in context. The definitions presented and the numbers given will be calculated based on the information presented in the Cultural Visualization table in Appendix C. Firstly, Nigeria’s scores on the Cultural Dimension scale reveal that Nigerians place great value on Performance Orientation, Future Orientation, and In-group Collectivism. A high value on Performance Orientation means the culture would ideally highly encourage and reward improvement and excellence (GLOBE, 2004). However, in practice, Nigeria shows a very notable discrepancy of 1.92 between how much it values Performance Orientation (6.05) and how much it actually practices it (4.13). This would be important to note as a leader in order to perhaps implement encouragement and reward into how they lead, but perhaps to not expect that same from leadership above them. The discrepancy situation is similar and perhaps even more significant with Future Orientation having a discrepancy between value and practice of 1.95. This value for future orientation might very well be at the front of the country’s growth and development. The difference in the numbers for In-group Collectivism, which measured “the degree to which individuals express pride, loyalty, and cohesiveness in their organizations or families” is not quite so drastic, reporting only a 0.32
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