The Cultural Dimensions of Hofstede Essay

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I. Introduction
This essay aimed to evaluate and critique the paper written by Geoffrey Williams and John Zinkin. It was divided into seven parts. First of all, I would brief introduce what the essay is about, followed by giving the description of the paper being evaluated. Then, theory and literature would be evaluated, with highlighting the theoretical frameworks used by the authors in developing the paper. Research design and approach would come to the fourth part, in which I would explore the research design and methods and discuss the benefits and limitations. Afterwards, benefits and limitations of the research design and approach would be given, and finally comes the suggestions of alternative research strategies/method and the
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Findings were presented after analyzing the data of the correlation coefficients between the percentage responses in each category and the cultural dimensions and the distribution of responses across five dimensions. Finally the discussion and conclusions were given, with summarizing some implications of the results for CSR strategies of managers and firms operating in cross-cultural contexts.

III. Theory and literature
In this paper, the cultural dimensions of Hofstede were set up as a framework to analyze the behavior of firms in different societies. Besides, the authors developed a set of propositions related to propensity of consumers to punish CSR according to Hofstede cultural dimensions. In this process, approaches were put forward to adjust CSR practices in response to differing cultural attitudes. CSR was taken in the extant literature which was categorized into four broad and distinct sections.
First of all, theories were introduced to argue that the approaches of the instrumental and private wealth creating models should be mapped into Masculinity and Individualism in Hofstede dimensions when maximizing shareholder value and creating competitive advantage. Then, to address corporate constitutionalism, social contract theory and corporate citizenship in the political and social models, the Power Distance of Hofstede dimension was argued to be related to
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