The Cultural Environment Of A School

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Introduction The cultural environment of a school can speak louder than any words. The culture of the school is the life force that keeps the school moving forward and in the right direction. Keeping the environment and culture of the school up beat and positive can be a hard thing for any administrative team to handle. Imploring the correct administration is a very important step in this process. Finding the right administrators that are going to support, listen and lead the faculty of the school is where this positivity needs to start. The faculty its self is also important. The faculty must want to lead and teach the students and each other. When everyone is working harmoniously, the environment of the school is far superior. When one thing is wrong between the administration and the faculty, the whole structure of support and caring can crumble and fall apart. As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. If you think of the child as the culture of the school, and the village as the staff of the school. Without everyone trying and caring about what happens in the school, the cultural of the school will not become a healthy and strong environment. Everyone from the principal to the 3rd shift custodians and 1st shift food personnel need to be on board with caring about how the school is being handled and guiding the school in the correct direction. If everyone helps with developing the culture of the school, the school will be happy, healthy and strong.…
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