The Cultural Heritage Of Syria

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I intend to concentrate on the cultural heritage of Syria throughout the duration of this report, however the the massive losses in life and property incurred over the course of the now five-year long Civil War in Syria is a major factor in the discussion in regards to what remains, and what has been destroyed, among Syria’s tangible cultural heritage in the form of monuments, historical architecture, and various other pieces of art1. The tangible heritage that remains in the region effected by the Syrian Civil War is testament to thousands of years of culture, history and civilization, which must be protected and efforts must be put forth in its preservation. However, this heritage was built by the ancestors of those who have gone, and is a symbol of past peoples. Those who remain however, are suffering from the onslaughts of both terrorist groups one one hand, and are the victims of conflict between the Free Syrian Army and the forces of President Bashar Al Asad2. It is a logistical and moral quagmire to divert and commit forces to either one or the other, to protect them both from the destruction in the ongoing conflict. Should international and local military focus and effort emphasize the protection of priceless artifacts that are irreplaceable assets for the Syrian people and the world at large? Or should focus instead be diverted to protecting internally displaced persons in the region, as well as those entrenched in areas with intense fighting?
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