The Cultural Heritage Within The Uk

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Introduction Museums have become crucial in society due to the sustainability of Cultural Heritage within the UK. For relevance to future generations, museums and galleries must show their social purpose by becoming increasingly aware of visitors wants need for a valuable experience. Through the development of their customer service roles will help examine the ways in which museums can expand their communication practices and achieve best practice (McLeod, 2012). Per ONS (Office of National Statistics) states that since 2008, there has been 10 million visitors increase in the UK museum market which suggest there has been a positive change in either the consumers visiting or the museum ethos. This essay investigates the power of ethics within the museums setting regarding human remains, the challenges that have arose as well as changes in the Museum sector, specifically the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow, that have become apparent over the past decade. Tourism & Changes Tourism is continually changing World-wide, including destinations that were inaccessible to tourists until recently such as Borneo and New Guinea. City breaks and niche markets have also become a new trend within tourism industry where a focus on medical tourism is increasingly popular. Medical tourism is a developing industry that involves consumers choosing to travel abroad for cosmetic procedures at a lower expense as well as medical procedures unavailable in their own country (Snyder, 2011). Multiple
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