The Cultural Identity Of The United States

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Frequently, the task of taking a look at oneself can be overwhelming or outright uncomfortable. The two cultural identity models I will be discussing are white identity and heterosexual identity. Since I possess both of these identities what does that say about the experiences I have faced over my lifetime, and how do those experiences influence my perception of the world around me. As the demographics of the United States are rapidly changing the conception of the heterosexual white male is changing as well. Or is this just how I personally feel the role of the white heterosexual male is perceived? Before I can figure out what the role of a white male is, I need to step back and take a look to see where I developed the conception of what…show more content…
In fact, the school might have even placed them into their own classroom for the first few months a form of segregation one might say. Reported by Sue and Sue (2013) the education system can reinforce negative racial signals children are receiving at home from family members or their peers creating racial biases. Since this was my first interaction with people of another culture I was more curious and naive then having a sense of privilege or any prejudice. One thing I do remember about the Vietnamese children is their artistic abilities, they were very talented but at the same time it was rather sad. They would draw images of things they witnessed in their home country of Vietnam such as tanks, helicopters and airplanes. During the time I attended school with these Vietnamese children it seemed like there was always a separation between them and us white children. After a short period of a year or two, most of the Vietnamese children moved away. While the Vietnamese children were attending school, I heard other children and some adults using racist remarks toward them. Although I do not remember calling any of the Vietnamese children names to their face; I am sure I probably repeated some of these derogatory names in the company of my white friends. A couple years later there would be a black child began attending class with me. Other than when my parents would drive through the black neighborhoods in Cedar Rapids. It was not until Derick Jones
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