The Cultural Impact Of Fast Food Restaurants

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Fast food restaurants have been in existence since the dawn of the early 20th century. Since its emergence in the market, there have been over thirty notable brands. Some rose to fame, became profitable and for varied reasons, some now cease to exist. Others have remained strong and are reaping profits worldwide. Nevertheless, fast food restaurants continue to increase on global scale as the market adjust per cultural changes in eating habits and lifestyles. Should a global poll be conducted to find out the most popular fast food restaurant today, the answer would undoubtable be McDonalds regardless of one’s country polled. The golden arch and its bright smile is widely regarded as the most notable fast food chain of restaurants around the globe. Similarly, McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc is one of history’s greatest businessman in the restaurant and food industry for his stellar vision and achievements.
This restaurant’s signature offering is hamburgers, fries and more recently its chicken nuggets. The tremendous success of this restaurant giant all began back in 1940 when brothers Dick and Dan McDonald opened up their first drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino, CA named McDonald’s Bar-B-Q. Shortly thereafter, Ray, who was a salesman at the time had a sales appointment with the brothers. Ray was impressed with their operation and saw an opportunity to turn the business into a multi-million-dollar company. Ray signed as an agent with the brothers and later bought exclusive
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