The Cultural Impact Of Technology

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The world today is very different from the world our grandparents lived in. There are a lot of advancements in technology that make things obviously different, but there are also many changes in our culture and society that has been affected by technological changes that many people fail to realize. One film that showcases the cultural impact of technology is the movie Hackers, directed by Lain Softley. The film is centered around the latest technology available (in 1995 when the film was released) and the growing culture centered around the elite hacker community. The premise of the film is that a group of hackers are being framed for a virus that was launched to capsize ships if a demand for five-million dollars was not met. The group of hackers work together to prove that they are innocent by hacking into the database of a major corporation. In that database is the virus that was created by the company’s head of cyber security that was supposed to steal a total of twenty-five-million dollars. The ships that were to be destroyed were all linked through satellite connections. Each ship is automatically guided and managed by a central computer. While it is commonplace for companies today to use satellite guidance systems and remote access to onboard computers, the movie does nudge the story along by making the whole system extremely vulnerable. Such things like three-character passwords and single centralized command centers are obvious flaws with the system used in the…
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