The Cultural Impacts Of Internet Technology : The Internet And The Internet

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Living through the era dominated by social media and internet sources has come with a variety of different encounters that those born even twenty years earlier would not be able to understand. When a question is asked that one might not know the answer to, they simply state “Just google it”, but in previous times many people would have to spend hours seeking the answer they so desire. One of the biggest issues surrounding google is the deprivation of thinkers in the new generation. Google, although a helpful tool, has taken the thought out of life and replaced it with answers at the touch of a keyboard. The cultural impacts surrounding internet technology has perpetually grown to the point of hindrance. Despite the profound expertise Danah Boyd and Marc Prensky present through years of experience relating to social media, the most effective author in creating an argument was Nicholas Carr due to the relatability of the article to his targeted audience. Danah Boyd establishes her ethos through years of research on the topic of the internet and social media. When researching her on the internet, it becomes known that she has earned a PhD from Cal Berkeley and has devoted a decade of her lifetime toward her research in the field of social media. This adds credentials to the evidence that she puts into her chapter, and builds her ethos as an author. Despite her credibility, she states “Many of the technologies that youth encounter, from Google to Wikipedia, require users to
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