The Cultural Impacts Of The Reformation On Scotland And The Scottish Reformation

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Scotland, like many other countries throughout the western world, was changed in 1517 when Martin Luther published his 95 theses. Through his publication, Luther exposed the sins of the Roman Catholic Church and denounced its credibility. John Knox, a Scottish Reformer, spread the teachings of Protestantism throughout Scotland. He exposed the truth behind the wealth and riches of the Catholic Church and helped move the country towards the establishment of the Church of Scotland. The church in the 16th century, was at the center of the daily lives of the Scottish people. A reform to the church, meant a reform to the culture of Scotland. One cultural impact on Scotland as a result of the Reformation was education. The Scottish Reformation broadened the education system throughout Scotland because of its encouragement to read the Bible.
Before the Scottish reformation, Scotland was ruled by both the King or Queen and the Church. The church held a powerful position over the lives of the people in Scotland, having influence in their political, economic, social, and cultural spheres. As a result, the church in Scotland, before and after the Scottish reformation, held power and influence over the education system.
Before the reformation, there were three types of schools; lecture schools, song schools and grammar schools. In the grammar schools, which were attached to the cathedrals, boys learned Latin. As the Bible at this time was only in Latin, this gave the young boys an

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