The Cultural Imperatives of Psychologists

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Most inhabitants of the Space Coast do not consider “snow birds”, people that live somewhere else and come to the beach when their home becomes too cold, as residents. I have always wondered what makes members of a group, such as Space Coast residents, disconnect themselves from outsiders. Even psychologists use cultural imperatives to keep unwanted or unqualified people out of the psychological community. The research in the psychological field covers a vast array of disciplines and takes a post-graduate education. Psychologists use cultural imperatives to vet the psychological community and outline the manner in which new research becomes knowledge. I will begin by discussing the origin of psychology and psychology’s growth over time.…show more content…
With the understanding the cultural imperatives and the effect that they have on a group, I will now show how cultural imperatives apply to psychologists. Psychologists have a fair share of cultural imperatives that set themselves apart from the average citizen. Among the vast array of these cultural imperatives in psychology, the schooling required to enter the field sets the bar above most college graduates. Psychologists begin competing from high school by keeping their grade point averages up and taking as many psychology classes as possible. In college the competition continues as placement test scores help to decide who moves on to the best graduate school and who may need to search for new options. On the website Raymond Lloyd Richmond breaks down each phase of the education required to become a member of the psychological community, starting with high school. According to Richmond, “the study of psychology is not for everyone; if it were, it would be a video game, not a profession.” But, earning a degree in psychology just shows that someone has an understanding of the knowledge that has already emitted from the psychological community. As in most areas of research, the constant need for members
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