The Cultural Influence Of My Family

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Getting the opportunity to create a genogram for my family allowed me to view the cultural influence, history, and articulate reflection of my experience within my family. Although I have been raised in a small family, there are many behavioral trend that have transcended throughout the three generations that I had looked into while doing this assignment. These behavioral characteristics impact they way in which my family interacts, communicate, and support. It also affects my own interaction with others. My family belongs to an Asian Indian Culture which is known as “Punjabi” culture and the families are united together for generation. In addition, I spend my childhood in joint family including my parents, grandparents, uncle, aunts, cousins, and siblings. Living together with multiple generations is considered a good and happy joint family in society, rather living apart is known weak relationship in society. Additionally, the male figures are the one who are the provider of the family and the female figure are the housewife and nurturing figure of the family. This is how I grown up seeing my family playing their roles. I use to think that I will be playing the same role as my mother, thus my family made the decision to move to United States. In America, everyone plays the same role to support the family. My both parents worked very hard to provide us the better life along with higher education. Even though, they struggled communicating with others and adjusting to US
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