The Cultural Influence of The Republic of Djibouti Essay

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There are several countries which are located within the Combined Joint Task Force- Horn of Africa AOR. This paper will discuss the cultural influence of the Republic of Djibouti as well as its influence on bordering countries within its region. Additionally, this paper will portray Djibouti’s global significance and its effect on United States interest within the AOR. Historically, Djibouti’s strategic location and status as a free trade zone within the Horn of Africa has played a major role in this country’s importance throughout the globe. Hence, Djibouti maintains relationships with numerous countries and to date openly welcomes negotiations with other countries that can contribute to the country’s economic development. Continued…show more content…
Approximately 94% of their population is Muslim with the remaining 6% being made up of foreigners who follow Christian traditions. Although Djibouti is a nation of religious based fundamentals, Islam is not allowed to be used for political purposes by any major party. Djibouti is broken up into two major ethnic groups, one being the Somali (majority) and the other being the Afar clan. In spite of ongoing political and tribal disputes surrounding Djibouti, the country has managed to keep a neutral stance in the situations that develop around their country. As a people the Djiboutian value personal independence and courage. Their culture is known for valuing respect very high particularly when dealing with elders. The majority of the information that is found on Djibouti will convey the people’s ability to maintaining excellent connections and providing services at the ports for many countries. However, there are other biases out there that talk about the people’s poor work ethics and controversial narcotics trades. One of the negative views that are expressed about the Djiboutian is of their work ethics. They blame poor work ethics and unemployment rates on the customary use of a mild narcotic known as “khat”, which the majority of the working males use during midday’s heat. This narcotic is also an item that is allowed by the Djiboutian government to be openly traded within Djibouti’s ports. Djibouti’s government constitutes

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