The Cultural Influences On Personality And Bicultural Identity Theory

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Abstract There has been increasing numbers of bicultural individuals in many nations, among them the United States, showing that bicultural identity is extremely an important aspect for research. This paper recognizes and summarizes the literature on bicultural identity of different individuals. Second, the paper analysis how the cultural influences on personality and bicultural identity theory addresses real-world problems and the solutions it suggests for such problems. The essential characteristics of the theory as well as the continued relevance are also evaluated for the purpose of analyzing the validity of the theory as well as its accuracy. Bicultural identity integration is determined by such factors like personality, social environment, political, economic and historical context. The current status of an individual’s cultural group may influence the range of that individual’s bicultural identity integration. Keywords: Bicultural identity, biculturalism, culture, personality, psychology. Personality Theories Personality psychology is generally a branch of psychology which is involved with the study of personality and how it varies among different individuals. Personality is a set of characteristics that a person possesses which have the ability to uniquely influence the person’s environment, emotions, behaviors and motivations. In humans, personality is generally made up of the outlines of the individual’s characteristics including thoughts, feelings,

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