The Cultural Mandate

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The Cultural Mandate v. The Gospel Mandate Without any doubt or question, Christianity is radically unique in that it is the only religion that communicates true redemption. Whereas some other religions believe and teach that there is an afterlife, only Christianity embraces the following belief concerning the human life experience in the inescapable mortal dimension of time (the complete and true story of history and eschatology): Our being and existence is understood in terms of 1) creation, 2) corruption, and 3) redemption. In the beginning, God created everything and it was good … without any faults, defects or imperfections, or lacking anything to make it complete or perfect. And so, the biblical doctrine of redemption not…show more content…
The ungodly, pagan concept of dualism (Plato’s forms) – that there is a radical separation of worth and value between the physical and meta-physical, or between temporal and eternal reality – is not compatible with Biblical Wisdom. The realm of the natural and physical, of material and mutable things, whether abstract or concrete, is not less real or valuable, or “evil” by itself alone, as it was originally created. Neither should it be “deified” or worshipped as though its reality and value was ever in any way independent of a First Cause. Dualism is diametrically contrary to, and irreconcilably in conflict with the doctrine of redemption which teaches that everything – all things, including the physical and material realm in both its abstract and concrete manifestations – are worthy of being redeemed and restored to their original condition and content of value and worth. In fact, the pagan and secular worldview of dualism, which dominates Western thinking, is quite degrading, harmful and corrupt, both in its thinking and in the wreckage it has wrought upon humanity from its beginning to the present. Evidence of this toxic infection in the minds and hearts of some believers is observable in their defective and infected thinking, when they consciously or
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